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How To Improve Your Home Barista Skills


✓ Enjoy the ritual of brewing your own coffee

  • Appreciate being hands on while using your senses


✓Keep whole beans

  • Your beans are at their best quality when they are whole. Grind your beans just before you brew your coffee to keep them nice and fresh and tasting their best


Weighing coffee and water helps

  • Using quality scales helps you achieve correct ratios and consistency when brewing coffee to your liking


Water temp makes a difference

  • Boiling water will scorch your coffee; 94-95°C is ideal. Use a thermometer or let your boiled kettle stand to cool a bit before you pour


✓Coffee to water ratios help achieve excellent flavours

  • Filter coffee: 60 – 80g coffee / 1000ml water
  • Espresso coffee: 1:2 (e.g. 20g coffee / 40ml water)


Have fun and explore the science of coffee

  • Find what’s right for your palate
  • Change the dose, grind, temp and brew time to improve the flavours to your liking
  • You can achieve a stronger tasting coffee or a more subtle delicate brew by changing some of the above mentioned until you find what’s right for you.
  • Up your dosage or brew time, or fine the grind to intensify your experience
  • Lower the dosage or brew time, or coarsen the grind to decrease the intensity


Celebrating the forty-two hands it takes to create that beautiful cup of coffee