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For the like-minded cafe owner, retail stockists or industry supplier….

The Little Goat Coffee team want to share their passion for quality coffee with you and celebrate each cup with the coffee loving community. We gently hand roast carefully selected, specialty grade, arabica coffee beans delivering them to you fresh and ready to brew. Our method of roasting changes the physical and chemical nature of the bean to capture and enhance the aroma and distinctive flavours of each variety.

We are passionate about community connections and establishing coffee partnerships with likeminded teams who enjoy and appreciate specialty coffee. This partnership allows our customers to connect to the origin of their cup of coffee and the team behind it, both of which make this industry what it is today.

Little Goat Coffee offers a collaborative approach, with open conversations and training opportunities for your team to upskill their coffee knowledge and barista techniques.

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Products on offer

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Celebrating the forty-two hands it takes to create that beautiful cup of coffee