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The Little Goat Coffee team are passionate about roasting and mastering specialty coffee. Our passions lie with the origin of beans, science and craft of coffee roasting and the skill of brewing.

Together, we have years’ of café industry and barista experience under our belts, enabling us to know and understand what the consumer and brewer needs are. We are dedicated to roasting and brewing beautiful coffee for everyone to enjoy, connecting you to the origin of your cup and the amazing (and often unknown) team behind it.

Our roastery is located 20kms NW of Melbourne Airport in Sunbury – the gateway to the Macedon Ranges. Here you will either find our team busy roasting, cupping, brewing, sipping, blending, packing and delivering coffee to wholesale customers.

Whether you’re an espresso, filter, single origin or blended coffee drinker, we roast all coffee weekly and can have it delivered to you freshly roasted. While exploring our website, you will find suggested brewing guides and techniques for an Aeropress, Frech Press, Hario V60 and Stovetop Moka Pot, as well as associated equipment to empower you to be a home barista. Remember it always comes down to personal taste, so don’t be afraid to alter your dose, grind or brew time to perfect your beautiful cup. Have fun and be part of the journey.



Never miss your morning coffee again with Little Goat’s specialty coffee delivered straight to your doorstep. Your favourite coffee is freshly roasted and hand packaged, to suit your individual tastes, brewing method and coffee shelf life so that you never run out!

With the options of fortnightly or monthly deliveries available, keeping your coffee stores freshly stocked has never been easier. Choose from a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription for yourself or someone special with payments charged to your credit card. You can change, update or suspend your subscription to suit your needs and cancel anytime.

Shipping included in the price for subscriptions.


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Forty-two Hands

We celebrate the forty-two hands it takes to create that beautiful cup of coffee.

We are passionate about the origin of beans, the craft of coffee roasting and the skill of brewing. We believe through education and empowerment from the home brewer to café barista, we can achieve quality coffee accessible to everyone.

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Never brew a bad coffee again!

All you need to know about brewing the perfect cup for you can be found here, in our detailed brew guides. Our methods, and our coffee, are tried and tested by yours truly, so we know what it takes to brew that perfect coffee.

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Brew Guides Brew Guides
Celebrating the forty-two hands it takes to create that beautiful cup of coffee